Investing In Silver: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for 2020

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Silver has a wide array of applications, including currency coins, jewelry, television monitors, utensils, RFID chips, chemical reactors, cell phone batteries, and more. As useful as it is to society, the silver market is also useful to investors who are looking for a hedge in times of economic downturn or a high performing recovery as the economy returns to growth.
If you’re interested in investing in silver, read on for more information.

What Does “Investing in Silver” Mean?

Investing in silver can occur in a number of ways, such as:

  • Bullion or coins: Bullion or coins are the simplest ways to invest in silver, as it allows you to purchase quantities of the metal outright.
  • The silver market: This involves investing in mining companies and firms that provide the production, distribution, and usage of silver metal.
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): Silver ETFs are designed to track how a specific quantity of silver performs. This type of investment enables the investor to own and trade silver without actually owning the physical asset.
  • Silver futures and options: Investing in this way provides a profit that is not dependent on the market value of silver but on how that value changes.

The Benefits of Investing in Silver

Investing in silver has a number of benefits for the investor, including:

  • Silver, with its numerous applications, is in higher and more consistent demand than gold and — as the world runs low on silver — demand is only expected to get higher.
  • Silver is not as pricey as gold, meaning that it is a viable option for those with lower capital.
  • The silver market is a stable one when compared to other investments, making it a good place to put your money at the beginning of an economic downturn.
  • Silver generally provides a better return than non-market options such as government bonds.
  • Silver coins are an investment that can be passed to future generations.
  • Silver in bars and coin formats is easily bought and sold for fast cash.
  • Silver has a solid historical investment performance.
  • Physical silver assets are immune to cyber crime, impervious to banking collapse, and are not influenced by currency fluctuations.

Tips On Getting Started

Silver can be an important piece in your investment portfolio. Here’s some helpful advice to guide your decision:

Don’t expect to get rich quickly. Silver is a long-term investment that you hang onto until the value appreciates. Patience is key.

Turn to a trusted professional for a complete understanding of how silver investments work. Investing in silver isn’t the same as investing in stocks or bonds.

Timing is (almost) everything. When it comes to investing in silver, it is important to know what the prices are doing. Ideally, you’ll buy when the prices are low and sell when the prices are high.

Be careful who you buy from. If you’re purchasing bullion, make sure that you purchase it from a verified seller in order to avoid being sold fake product that is readily available from scam traders.

Don’t go too big too fast. Because it generally takes a while to appreciate, silver is an investment that works best if you start small and build from there.

Why The Silver Presidium Symbol?

The Silver Presidium is a strong supporter of veterans and we’re always proud to have an opportunity to provide our servicemen and women with sound investment opportunities. We also support families and the ability of older generations to acquire an asset that can be handed down to future generations, as silver can be.
If you’re a veteran or a parent, we’re eager to help you invest in your future by investing in silver.

The Silver Presidium of the Church of God In Christ -- Legacy Presidium Symbol: Fine Silver 5 Troy Ounce Proof