Why Silver is an Investment in 2020

Are you looking into different investment strategies that can help build wealth, both now and as a long-term investment for the future?

Are you a first-time investor?

Consider investing in the silver market as part of your overall investment strategy. In fact, if you’re planning to invest, experts note, you may want to invest sooner, rather than later.

Silver has the potential to rise higher than gold

Historically, silver has risen to values above gold–and it has the potential to do it again. Many experts are predicting that 2020 will be the year that silver rises substantially in value above gold. While precious metals are an excellent investment for 2020 in general, for 2020, investors looking to make the most out of their investments are finding that silver has immense potential.

Silver is currently undervalued in the market

The silver to gold ratio has continued to increase, with gold currently standing well above silver–but there’s a strong possibility that in the coming year, the market will shift dramatically.
Since silver is currently undervalued and predicted to rise significantly in the coming year, investors who are ready to take advantage of those shifts should act now to make the most of their investments.

J.P. Morgan has been hoarding silver–and there’s a strong possibility it’s about to come to an end

J.P. Morgan may, according to some experts, be holding as much as 350 million ounces of silver. It’s obvious that the financial giant is anticipating the potential for financial upheaval–and acting now to protect its corner of the market. Silver has continued to move quickly into J.P. Morgan over the past little while, and savvy investors are following suit.

Silver is an excellent option for first-time investors.

Many investors start with comparatively small investments as they work to build their financial portfolios. While precious metals offer an excellent investment opportunity in general, silver requires a lower up-front investment–which can work in your favor if you’re not sure you have much to invest as you get started. Currently, silver stands at around $18 per ounce, but it has the potential to rise rapidly, potentially doubling–or more–in value over the coming years.

Precious metals tend to hold their value over time. While they may see significant highs and lows, they tend to eventually level out, which can help increase confidence in first-time investors.

Silver remains important for many products, making it a useful long-term investment.

Not only is silver valuable for currency, it’s a popular metal for jewelry and is used to make catalytic converters in cars, which means that it’s likely to hold its value reasonably well even in a tumultuous financial market.
Silver is also used in solar energy, in medicine, and in many pieces of technology. This makes it an excellent investment for investors who are looking to buy in the long-term.
Not only that, the value of silver is likely to continue to rise as it is used in increasingly more products.
The more creators need silver, the more it will pay off for investors.

If you’re looking to expand your portfolio or start investing for the first time, precious metals in general are a good place to start–and for 2020, many experts believe that silver is ideally positioned to excel, increasing the return on your investment.

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