Dr. Louis C. Langston


Charlene Baker

Senior VP

Dr. Doris “Lucki” Allen


Champlain Joseph E. Langston


Dr. Philip Ellingberg


Dr. Schezorne H. Carter

Mr. Ray Evans

Veterans Advocate

Mrs. Vicki Roberson

Veterans Advocate

Our goals for the Standards for Excellence services are to strengthen and improve the public’s trust in our nonprofit organizations.  As an important part of this work, we work hard to continue to provide the best possible resources to help build the capacity of our organization to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our communities.

“We felt it was important to appoint board of directors positions to individuals who share our vision, which is to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of service members in our nation’s history,” said Dr. Louis Langston, President, COGIC Silver Presidium. Charlene Baker and the others board members bring a unique perspective and range of experiences that we know will go a long way in enhancing our ability to meet the evolving needs of our growing organization and those we serve.”